Hi, I'm Max. I'm a pilot.
Mostly Supernatural, with others: Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Merlin. Also airplanes/the sky and an obscene amount of Jensen Ackles's face.

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get to know me meme [3/5] male characters: castiel

"Who I was, what I did, that’s not who I am."


You think we’re just pretty things
You couldn’t be more wrong
Standing strong, we carry on
We keep moving on 

Name: maxine
Nickname: max
Location: ontario, canada
Age: 20 (!?)
Height: 5’9”
Any pets: no
Favorite thing about yourself: my brain
Worst habit: repeating myself
Fun fact: the longest cell in your body is a neuron that runs from your big toe to the bottom of your skull

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: female
Sexual preference: asexual so nothing
Romantic preference: aromantic so nothing
"Kinsey Scale" score: X
Relationship status: single for life
Myers/Briggs type: intp or intj
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": night owl
Morning Afternoon routine: pee, floss, brush teeth, rinse face if necessary
Bath or shower: shower
First thought in a morning: ugh
Last thought before falling asleep at night: it’s too bright here


Do you work or are you a student: student
Where do you work/study: college
What do you do: cry
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: piss poor but flying

Habits (Do you … )

Drink: no
Smoke: no
Do Drugs: no
Exercise: hahaha sometimes
Have a go-to comfort food: no
Have a nervous habit: fidgetting majorly with my hands and/or crying

What is your favorite … ?

Physical quality (in yourself): idek my arms?? i don’t pay much attention to my body
In Others: arMS and maybe face/smile
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): my analytical-ness
Food: meatballs and strawberries
Animal: SNAKES
Artist/Band/Group: AC DC
Author/Poet: myself
TV Show: i can’t say doctor who or supernatural anymore but orphan black and merlin aren’t good enough?? so idk
Actor/Actress: tatiana maslany


Little confi boost for Cici ;)
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Fact: Unlike the gay agenda™, the bisexual agenda contains a 15 minute break for snacks between sessions.

Fact: The asexual agenda is entirely made of snacks, with a 15 minute break for all out anarchy

Cas: I'm the one who groped you tight and raised you from perdition.
Cas: Gripped. I meant gripped.

A war with who?
What about your people?

And what is your relationship to Dean Winchester?