Hi, I'm Max. I'm a pilot.
Mostly Supernatural, with others: Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Merlin. Also airplanes/the sky and an obscene amount of Jensen Ackles's face.

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"He’s broken because he believed." ☠
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"He’s broken because he believed." ☠

« Cas, buddy, I  n e e d  y o u. »
THE NAME CHALLENGE - 6th letter: a quote

I'm not leaving here without you.


when someone mentions orphan black


You’re the canvas, I’m the brush.
Together we create a masterpiece.

inspired by [ x ]

inspired by [ x ]


Why did we as a fandom not decide to send Rob Benedict a shit ton of toilet paper today?

collab with capturedean, who provided the lovely inspirational poem!
theme: destiel + the four elements